WordCamp Kansas City Sessions & Presentations

What’s your worth? Why women underestimate their marketplace value.

Presented by Marianne Worthington in Brush Creek.

It isn’t a secret that women underestimate their value in the marketplace. This session will focus on why that is…but more importantly what women can do to ensure they are getting paid what they are worth. If you are a woman, and a business owner, this may be one of the most important sessions you can attend.

Choosing Progress Over Perfection

Presented by J. Caleb Rogers in Brush Creek.

Often times in starting a business we assume everything must be PERFECT in order for us to achieve our dreams. This is far from the truth!!!

Journey along as Caleb shares through storytelling some of the same tactics he uses with his cage fighters to shift their focus from perfection towards an emphasis PROGRESS and how this mindset can help you grow your business while obtaining peace of mind.

Access Denied: Keeping your site off an attacker’s radar

Presented by Paul Gilzow in Brookside.

Whether you’re brand new to WordPress or a season developer, web security is everyone’s responsibility. Utilizing black box scanning tools, find out what types of information your WordPress site is leaking, how attackers can use this information to compromise your site and steps you can take to mitigate this risk.

KEYNOTE – The 3 Core Focuses of WordPress in 2017

Presented by Konstantin Obenland in Brookside, Brush Creek, Town Square.

The three core focuses of WordPress (for 2017) and how they are important for entrepreneurs, developers, and everyday WordPress users

Read a Q&A with Konstantin here.

Driving Traffic through Search & Social Media

Presented by Rebecca Music in Town Square.

Search and social media tend to be severely underestimated and misunderstood when it comes to driving traffic to a website. Understanding how they work together is essential and being great at it takes time. Join us and get a jump start on creating or reviving your current search and social media approach. Take away actionable tips that will boost your results right away as well as strategies that will help boost your business in the future.

A/B Testing – Which Way Does Your Duck Face?

Presented by Mike Demopoulos in Brookside.

Do you know that if you have a picture of a duck having it face left or right can increase your conversions by 40%?

Think this sounds silly? It is, but backed by research. Spend some time to learn about what a/b testing is, what things to test, testing methodology and the best tools to use for your Joomla site.

Everyone will get a handout of the very same checklist I use when A/B testing our client’s sites. One of our clients, an insurance company, increased leads by making just a small 2px change.

Want YOUR site to be tested live? Please tweet me your URL @MPMIKE with the hashtag #TESTME. Selected sites will get live feedback and examples.

When you launch a website, you are guessing. Sure the guesses are educated based on experience and data, but you can maximize your ROI with good A/B testing.

Not Just a Blog: ECommerce and WordPress

Presented by Will Hanke in Brush Creek.

More and more companies are looking to WordPress for their ECommerce needs, and it’s a well-suited platform to meet those needs. In this presentation we’ll look at the recommended plugins to get your ecommerce site up and running, taking payments and getting more sales. Plus, tips on building your customer database.

Themes and Plugins that will handle the 80 of your 80/20

Presented by Ann Gaffigan in Brush Creek.

I’ve realized over time that in all of my WordPress projects, I use themes from the same framework plus the same set of plugins to take care of 80% of what I need to do. The rest is taken care of by extra plugins and custom coding. Since I’ve done the vetting already, I want to share the information with you! I’ll show you my favorite theme framework, and specific themes offered within that framework, and my favorite plugins for: Contact Forms, Registration Forms, Calendar, Mailing List Subscriptions, SEO, Anti-Spam and more.

WordPress Website = Virtual Assistant

Presented by Alisha McFarland in Brush Creek.

All business owners struggle with the administrative aspects of their business. Why not get more value from your website by putting it to work as your Virtual Assistant? WordPress is a powerful way to manage the less than desirable things you need to do to keep your business running and profitable. Online scheduling and payment processing are just two of the incredibly easy ways this can be achieved. I will share with you how to set things up efficiently and how much value it can bring to you and your clients. Technology is powerful – use it! Increase profitability by streamlining your administrative tasks with a WordPress website.

Using WordPress As The Foundation For Your Digital Ecosystem

Presented by Sean R. Nicholson in Brush Creek.

In the ever-changing world of digital communication, bloggers, marketers, and communication professionals are presented with new channels to evaluate and consider on a monthly basis. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and a host of other channels offer opportunities to connect with your audience, but each business must decide for themselves which is appropriate for their business. Add additional communication vehicles like email, SMS, and in-app messaging and the process of developing a communication strategy can be downright confusing.

Regardless of which channels are selected for the business, most would agree that .com or .org web site is a critical element to a properly functioning integrated marketing ecosystem. In this presentation, Sean will discuss why WordPress is the ideal content management system to use as the foundation for an integrated ecosystem. He’ll cover topics including ease-of-implementation, opportunity to customize using themes and plugins, integration with social media channels, and delivering content to users at the right time, via the right channel.

This is an interactive conversation, engaging the audience to design an integrated marketing ecosystem on-the-fly, while demonstrating why WordPress is the right CMS choice as the content hub.

Beyond fraud basics: Be secure. Be safe. Be informed

Presented by Michael L Rattenne IV, Marc Vasquez in Brush Creek.

Cyber attacks are increasingly using social engineering methods. Cyber criminals integrate an individual or company’s data through email, phone, social media and even in person. The tools these criminals use are easily accessible, and work well when added to the human element.
Social engineering is deception that triggers deep functions of the human brain like trust, attraction and authority. Human error is the cause of more than 95 percent of attacks. An employee being social engineered or phished is an easy cost-reduced attack.
In this presentation, you’ll learn what social engineering is (and where it hides), what to look for, case studies and how you can avoid taking the phishing bait.

Ask Me Anything About Plugins

Presented by Pippin Williamson in Brookside.

Pippin is a prolific plugin developer and founder of several successful commercial WordPress plugin projects. This session will have a Q&A style format where the audience can ask any question related to plugin development, the WordPress.org plugins directory, selling plugins, building a development team, and anything else related to plugins. Pippin will do his best to answer every question to the best of his ability.

React + WordPress: A Match Made in Heaven

Presented by Josh Broton in Brookside.

Thanks to the WP REST API, WordPress has grown from being a capable CMS to a solid app platform. With front-end MVC frameworks like React and Angular, developers are able to build blazingly fast front-ends that consume content from WordPress in far more unique ways than ever before. In this talk, we’ll take a humorous look at the why, and a little bit of the how, to start using React with WordPress.

Introduction to React for jQuery Developers

Presented by Ronald Huereca in Brookside.

Our goal is to learn JavaScript deeply, but the dilemma is always what to learn.

React is a stable and well-documented UI library, but as with learning any new framework/library, it helps to have a point of comparison.

This presentation will go over React concepts coming from a jQuery background.

Making WordPress Plugin Development Easy

Presented by Bruce L Chamoff in Brookside.

Learn the basics and some advanced tricks of WordPress plugin development. This track will demonstrate how to create a complete plugin from scratch and make it work with any WordPress site. Topics covered include hooks, content manipulation, some of WordPress’ most powerful APIs that are utilized by plugins. By the time the session has completed, attendees will have the skills to develop plugins from scratch using simple PHP and the WordPress API. We will also change the Hello Dolly plugin to display our favorite song lyrics.

WordPress Debugging Tips and Tricks

Presented by Keanan Koppenhaver in Brookside.

Everyone’s code has bugs. Luckily there are almost as many tools to help squash bugs as there are bugs to be squashed. In this talk, we took a detailed look at how to debug and fix some common issues associated with WordPress sites. We explored how Chrome’s Developer Tools can help us pinpoint front end bugs and used the Query Monitor plugin to see what was going on behind the scenes.

The Role of WordPress Websites in B2B Marketing Automation

Presented by Mark Kelly in Town Square.

Marketing Automation has been a hot topic for more than 10 years. It has transformed the world of marketing from a passive practice to a much more deliberate and focused profession. Marketing leaders not only have a seat at the table, but they have become integral to the success of the revenue machine at many companies.

We will explore the role of the website in a sophisticated marketing model, as well as look toward the future and discuss how the website will not only be present, but more impactful.

Getting The Most of Your $$ on Social

Presented by Andrea Garcia in Town Square.

Social Networks are increasingly pay to play. It’s easy for big brands to navigate the system what about the more nimble players? We’ve got your back. This session examines the art and science behind marketing campaigns–from the basics of growth hacking to ins-and-outs of paid content marketing.

Making Your Site Worthy Of Paid Traffic

Presented by Jason A Keeler in Town Square.

Key points and considerations of what you will want to have in place for your WordPress site before implementing a PPC campaign (will touch on everything from a good hosting partner, to on-page forms, remarketing code, topic-focused content and conversion optimization best practices).

Actionable Demographic Data Using Google Analytics

Presented by Michael Black in Town Square.

Google Analytics provides a wealth of demographic information about your site’s users if you know how to find it. This session will discuss enabling the collection of demographic information, creating analytics dashboards for easy access to demographic information, and content curation to reach specific audiences.

Why Bloggers MUST Podcast

Presented by Rob Walch in Town Square.

This session will go over Bloggers need to Podcast to stand out from the crowd. How to best add a podcast to a WordPress site. Where to promote and submit your podcast. And of course a Q&A for the Audience.

Facebook Live! The Secret Sauce

Presented by Dave Navarro Jr. in Town Square.

In mid 2016 we started using Facebook Live! By the end of 2016 we saw over 9000% growth in Page Likes and Engagement with our audience. Let me know you the secret sauce to Facebook Live! engagement.

Developing a Video Strategy That Will Change Your Business

Presented by Andrea Zoellner in Town Square.

Video is one of the hottest mediums in marketing today. It can also be one of the most confusing and expensive. From low-cost channels like Facebook Live or Snapchat, to YouTube ads and TV spots, there are many ways you can integrate video into your marketing plan and see immediate results. In this talk, I’ll give an overview of the current video landscape and offer tools to develop a video content plan that works for your audience, objectives, and budget. Whether you’re an independent professional, a non-profit, or a business, find out how video can help you achieve your goals.

5 Reasons a WP Developer should never go full freelance or start their own company

Presented by Sam Werner in Brush Creek.

Ever thought about going full time in freelancing or starting your own web development company? You know WordPress. You know how to build websites. How hard can it be?
Well if you are thinking about that, don’t do it until you listen to what I have to say. I did it. I learned. I’ve been through the trenches and I know what it takes.
Do you?
Come hear me speak about the other side of website development.

What Entrepreneurs Should Know About The Law

Presented by Chris Brown in Brush Creek.

This presentation is perfect for anyone running a small business, a freelance operation, or even creatives that are moonlighting in their spare time. We will cover topics including business formation and operations, taxation, intellectual property, using contracts, hiring people, and more.

Freelancing: Working from Both Sides of the Table

Presented by Danny Santoro in Brush Creek.

Freelancing is something that many of us in the WordPress and online world are familiar with in one form or another – either we act as freelancers ourselves, staking out to be our own boss, or we manage a company and need to outsource additional help and hire one of these experts.

It’s not often that someone gets to be on both sides of the table, but in the past few years I’ve had just that opportunity. In this session, I want to talk about the key components that both freelancers and business owners struggle with when working together in hopes of building a better future for everyone, starting with the hardest part: understanding.

4 simple steps to build your digital brand

Presented by Ryan Rhoten in Brush Creek.

In this presentation, attendees will learn how to build their digital brands following a simple four-step process I call DICE.

The DICE process as explained in my book CareeKred starts with Defining your personal brand then Integrating your brand online. Once you’ve developed your digital brand I’ll show you how to Create content for your brand and how to properly Engage using social media.

Attendees with will walk away with actionable steps they can implement right away.

Digital Business Decisions

Presented by Melissa Roberts in Brush Creek.

Websites are one tool that business owners use to reach new customers and increase revenue. Like any tool, they’re most effective when paired with a suite of resources designed to help your business stand out to the people who matter most. This presentation will address the foundational decisions business owners must make as part of the process of creating a website, generating content and growing a digital business presence.

Let’s write a plugin! Demystifying the art and science of plugin development

Presented by Frankie Jarrett in Brookside.

Writing your first WordPress plugin can seem like a daunting task. However, plugins don’t have to be complicated to be awesome, and there are some amazing things you can do with just a few lines of code. In this talk we will cover the basics of plugin architecture, write a plugin from scratch and talk about best practices along the way. This talk features lessons learned in developing and deploying nearly a dozen plugins to the WordPress.org repository.


• Philosophy of plugins and why they are great
• Code quality tips
• General best practices
• Build a real plugin in less than 10 min
• How to publish plugins to WordPress.org

Beginning WordPress Theme Development

Presented by Jamie Schmid in Brookside.

This session provides an overview of the word of WordPress theme development.

We will be Building a basic custom WordPress theme from scratch! This session is great for anyone with some basic HTML/CSS experience who wants to learn to create custom themes for your sites. Breaking away from prebuilt, commercial themes brings your skills to a whole nother level, giving you flexibility, speed, and options for customization you never had before.

We will identify the critical files of a WordPress theme (HINT: there are LITERALLY just two!), template hierarchy, basic WordPress theme functions, and basic ways to split up your theme files for the most flexibility.

Prototyping for Better Design Decisions

Presented by Jeremy Fuksa in Brookside.

In-browser design prototyping has quickly become a preferred solution over creating static design comps for client presentation and sign-off.

Advantages to prototypes include being able to easily account for responsive designs that accommodate a wide variety of devices and screen sizes.

In this talk, I will discuss different tools and techniques available to prototype front-end design systems.

WordPress Optimizations

Presented by Tim Sisson in Brookside.

In this session , we’ll talk about the lessons I learned while working for InMotion Hosting helping customers get the most out of the WordPress websites. We’ll cover some topics like caching (Varnish), NGINIX vs Apache, HTTPS traffic, and even reliable traffic analytics methodologies for cached websites.

Navigations, Menus and MORE

Presented by Mary White in Brookside.

This session will cover Navigations / Menus on Websites in general, and the specifics of menus/navigations on WordPress Websites.

Covering the topics of what is trending in 2017 for Navigations / Menus.

Discussion of the user experience and user interface design aspects of Menus / Navigations.

Step by step instructions on setting up a menu/navigation on WordPress via the dashboard; and then WordPress Theme Customizer for the twenty seventeen theme.

Finally, what can be included in a WordPress Menu / Navigation?

The Greatest Gift

Presented by Bill Swearingen in Brookside.

“Defenders have to get security right every time, an attacker only has to get it right once.”

In this presentation, we will explore the phases of a cyber attack, identifying and exploiting the stages more expensive for the attacker than the defender. By changing our perceptions and understanding of the inevitable attack, defenders can develop capabilities to gain an upper hand against the attackers.

After this presentation defenders will be prepared to tell those attackers: “Bring it”.

Local SEO Essentials

Presented by Michael Black in Town Square.

Having trouble showing up in local results? This session will provide essential information to increase your site’s chances of ranking in the local listings in Google.

How to increase your organic reach with social media marketing

Presented by Jennifer Rosenblatt in Town Square.

This workshop will teach you the basic premises to increase your organic reach with social media marketing. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be covered. Businesses should already have 1 or more accounts set up.

Crafting a Killer Editorial Calendar with WordPress

Presented by Brittany VanMaele in Town Square.

Know that content is king, but unsure how to plan and execute a strategy? An editorial calendar is essential to successful execution. This presentation explores how to create an effective editorial calendar that balances evergreen and timely topics to drive long-term website traffic while encouraging engagement. Plus, get tips on the best WordPress plugins to help build and implement your content and social media plan.

Content, WordPress, and SEO

Presented by Rebecca Haden in Town Square.

What exactly is SEO, what does it have to do with content, and how does all that connect with WordPress?
Learn the essentials of SEO, how to plan a content marketing strategy, and the plugins that will make it practical.

Using Google Tools for Website Analytics

Presented by Tim Sisson in Town Square.

In this talk, we’ll examine some of the common tools you can use for free to examine your website’s analytics. This talk will include primers for Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We’ll discuss what Google looks at when they review your website and why that’s important. We’ll get real about what conversion metrics are, and what you should be concerned about. We’ll even cover why looking at analytics regularly is a bad idea.