Find networking tips to help you make the most of WordCamp Kansas City!

Making the Most of Networking at WordCamp KC

Sure, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get into your car after WordCamp Kansas City with your brain full and literally buzzing with all that you’ve learned from the amazing presenters. But the knowledge you take away is only one of the benefits of attending a WordCamp. Because WordCamp isn’t just about tips and ideas – it’s also about connections.

You’ll meet plenty of others in situations very similar to your own, or perhaps further down the path. Having a networking game plan can help you make the most of your time at WordCamp. So we’ve put together a few networking tips for you.

Make a list.

If you want to meet other developers, define what kind of questions you have or what kind of projects you’d like to know more about. If you are a small business owner who wants to collaborate with other entrepreneurs, make some notes about potential projects, so you know exactly who you need to look for at the conference. Then watch for those opportunities.

Grab a stack of business cards.

You know that feeling when you’re having a great conversation with someone, and you’re ready to “close the deal” to meet for coffee to talk about next steps, and you reach into your bag, and WHOOPS! Out of business cards. Don’t let that happen to you.

Business cards are expected currency for a valuable conversation – don’t be left holding the bill. And when you get someone else’s card, make a short note about what you discussed and any next steps.

Be open to conversation.

Look for opportunities to chat with other attendees. If you see someone sitting by themselves, ask if you can join them and introduce yourself. You never know when your next most valuable business contact (and all-around great person) is sitting one row away.

Not sure how to start a conversation? Get to know someone and what they do with these “10 Feel-Good Questions” from world-renowned referral generating machine and speaker Bob Burg. Not doubt these questions will genuinely lead to more.

Know – and own – what you know.

“So what do you do?” is invariably one of the opening questions in any networking situation. It helps to have an idea of your answer before you set foot in the door. Dust off your “elevator speech” and give it a refresh. You’ll be using it a lot at WordCamp Kansas City!

So those are just a few WordCamp networking tips, but we’d love to hear your ideas too! Feel free to share what helps you make relevant and meaningful connections – leave a comment below!